by Beth Harbison |



Starring Allie—a recently dumped, cosmetics-obsessed temp worker—and Olivia, her former best friend who’s now a successful beauty editor, Hope in a Jar sometimes reads like a Saturday-afternoon shopping spree at Sephora. But product junkies, and those looking for a light summer diversion, won’t mind. After a falling-out when they were teenagers, the now-thirty-something protagonists bump into each other at their high school reunion … and bond over their mutual dislike of their childhood nemesis Vickie. Problem is, the surgically enhanced, still-bitchy Vickie is now dating their long-time friend Noah, and the reconnected pals want to prevent him from making a BIG mistake. The plot breezes along, with the usual complications (did we mention Allie and Noah’s long-suppressed feelings for each other?), but ultimately it’s all as slick and enjoyable as a brand-new tube of lip gloss.

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