November 04, 1991 12:00 PM

Alison Moyet

Not that it would be a good career move, but Alison Moyet could probably sing an album of Bulgarian war chants and they would come out sexy and soulful. Her voice has survived both leaden disco rhythms and lame material on her first two solo albums.

Hoodoo, her third, for the most part charms. Credit again goes to Moyet’s amazing voice, which can get sultry and sinister on the title track and “Rise” then soar on the gospel-tinged “This House.”

As on previous albums, Moyet also plays disco diva—this time on the album opener, “Footsteps,” and “(Meeting with My) Main Man.” These songs are okay, but they obscure her voice. When she sings with minimal acoustic backing, as on “This House” or “Wishing You Were Here,” she showcases her gifts best. (Columbia)

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