August 01, 1988 12:00 PM

How many of me does it take to screw in a light bulb? None. I just buy a new lamp. Handy, I’m not. But now that I’m a home owner, I must mend my ways so I can mend my house. I’ve been caught hanging drapes, pulling weeds, gossiping with neighbors about fertilizer and even building furniture (well, actually, I only put together those unassembled Scandinavian bookshelves—a do-it-yourself task that requires the manual dexterity of a sea lion). My proudest moment: I installed an attic fan, which required cutting wood, drilling holes, nailing nails and even wiring wires. I can tell you’re not impressed. Nobody was. I spent a fortune on tools, wasted a month of weekends, bored my family and friends silly and have nothing to show for it but a little energy efficiency. So I’ve given up on major projects for this year. Now, whenever I want to feel like a home owner—all grown up and male—I just turn on the TV and watch one of the many home shows made for suddenly handy husbands like me. Here’s a sampling.

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