February 13, 1995 12:00 PM

Hank Williams Jr.

The man who sends the cry “Are you ready for some football?” across the land every Monday night on ABC during the NFL season already owns the unofficial title of national party animal, but it doesn’t hurt to warn off rivals. “Garth and Clint and Alan, them boys have got it made…/Now they’re tryin’ to put me in the shade,” Hank Williams Jr. sings about Mssrs. Brooks, Black and Jackson in “I Ain’t Going Peacefully.” Not to worry. Those gentlemen excel in many areas, but when it comes to boisterous country-rock bluster, Williams has no peer. Oh, maybe one or two, as he acknowledges in “Eyes of Waylon,” a tribute to a fellow hell-raiser named Jennings. But this album, from “Hog Wild” (complete with oink-oink filigrees) to that trusty barroom traditional “Wild Thing,” should keep Bocephus’s rowdy reputation intact and unshaded. (MCG/Curb)

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