March 10, 2008 12:00 PM

With “I Remember,” Cole, 26, has racked up three hits off her platinum second CD, Just Like You.

ON HER CONNECTION WITH TUPAC SHAKUR My brother [Sean] is a rapper and he was really cool with Pac. Pac used to call me his little sister and used to always tell me, “You’re gonna be a star.” He liked my voice.

ON COMPARISONS TO MARY J. BLIGE When I got compared to Mary, I felt like a strong person. And I still feel that way. I would love to do a duet with her.

ON HER TATTOOS The one on my arm [with a heart, cross and star] means love, my belief in God, and the star represents me. I have a heart on my leg, and I have a heart and “Have Faith” on my neck. I have roses with rosary beads on my hand.

ON HER BIGGEST VICE I’m a shopaholic. I shop just for the sport of it. I like glasses, jewelry, purses, cars. Everything.

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