June 02, 1980 12:00 PM

by Heloise

For 17 years Cathie Heloise Cruse put together a popular (600 newspapers) syndicated column simply by reprinting suggestions for housekeeping shortcuts sent in by her readers. When she died in 1977, her daughter Ponce Kiah Marchelle Heloise Cruse took over the column with no apparent loss of readership or breathless, effusive style. (Ponce is a family nickname, Kiah comes from her aunt Hezekiah, Marchelle is a feminized version of father Marshall.) Now she has compiled this useful encyclopedia of how to do everything around the house more easily and less expensively. It’s Ponce’s first book, an update on five similar volumes published by her mother. The first section, on cooking, isn’t for serious chefs, but the part on using leftovers is worth the price of the book. Heloise’s most enthusiastic hint, however, is on nylon net fabric, which she insists is a miracle, all-purpose cleaning rag and pot scrubber, “the greatest discovery since the wheel.” There are also suggestions about first aid, sewing, gardening, care of clothes and beauty tips. A good index is provided. (Arbor House, $12.95)

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