September 18, 2000 12:00 PM

Christopher Lambert, Adrian Paul

The heroes of the Highlander movies may be immortal, but let’s hope they won’t be swinging their swords into perpetuity. Endgame, the inane third sequel to 1986’s Highlander, again improbably stars that most stolid of Frenchmen, Lambert, as Connor MacLeod, a Scotsman who has been fighting off foes who would behead him (the only way to kill an immortal) since the 1500s. Here, he is joined in contemporary Manhattan by a clansman, Duncan (Paul, star of TV’s Highlander series), also immortal but a century younger, Handsome Paul, whose roguish charm makes him a contender for 007 should Pierce Brosnan ever weary of shaken martinis, adds pep to the foundering cycle but can’t save it. Though the sword fights are inventively staged, Endgame‘s plot–Connor confronts an old enemy and Duncan finds an ex-flame–is a confusing mess. (R) Bottom Line: Scots on the rocks

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