October 01, 1979 12:00 PM

by Jim Richardson

The photos and posters inside the lockers change. The boys’ hair gets longer or shorter. But the acne, the pain of adolescence and first romance are eternal. All the photographs in this book of the students in Rossville (Kans.) High, which Richardson documented for three years, seem hauntingly familiar. The captions are fragments from tape recordings the photographer made when he showed his photos to the students. Everyone and every event looks just as the reader remembers—the anguish of losing the big game, the joy of necking in the lounge the pain of wall-flowerdom. Richardson claims that his book “contains no wisdom, just yearning.” Yet his warm, funny, intimate book is what every high school yearbook ought to be. (St. Martin’s, $19.95 cloth; $8.95 paper)

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