August 10, 1981 12:00 PM

There’s a certain energy to this unambitious caper movie about four down-on-their-luck Americans—James Brolin, Cleavon Little, Bruce Davison and Chick Vennera—who zoom down to Colombia to steal $5 million from drug dealer James Coburn. The plot focuses on people running, walking, driving, flying, horseback riding, swimming or diving from place to place, often blasting away en route with automatic weapons that never damage name performers but shred extras. While Lindsay Wagner doesn’t run even a step in slow motion, she has a convincingly frowsy scene as a jailbird who falls in with Brolin’s gang. (She then falls for Vennera, though, and trots slavishly after him the rest of the movie.) And Anthony Quinn as a bandit chief is creaky and crotchety, like Gabby Hayes playing a Spanish-speaking villain. The film’s freeze-frame ending leaves some questions. Does the gang get away? Has Quinn ever done an Irishman? What ever happened to Davison’s best-known co-star, the rat in Willard? Do the careers of Wagner and Lee Majors indicate that B-movie syndrome is a permanent side effect of going bionic? (R)

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