People Staff
October 25, 1982 12:00 PM

Kenny Loggins

In his fifth solo album (can it be six years since he and Jim Messina split up?), Loggins is ranging far and wide. The LP goes from a hard-rocking Don’t Fight It to the up-tempo lullaby Only a Miracle, written by Loggins and former Doobie Brother Michael McDonald for Loggins’ son Crosby, born Dec. 15, 1980. Loggins’ piercing voice can just about cut through even the hardest rock, however, and he can gentle up enough to handle the softer stuff. So what might seem over-reaching for some performers appears to be variety for him. Newcomer Mike Hamilton and Neil Geraldo, Pat Benatar’s husband and lead guitarist, add some zingy guitar licks. Loggins’ collaborators also include Journey’s lead vocalist, Steve Perry, and Mrs. Loggins, Eva Ein, as well as McDonald. Their composing as well as backup performances enhance an LP that is a touch over-produced in spots (by Loggins and Bruce Botnick) but largely a series of pleasant surprises.

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