December 10, 2007 12:00 PM

• The Alias alum, 26, joined Heroes this season as a medieval Japanese warrior. Then he morphed into a modern mystery dude named Adam Monroe. Huh?

DID YOU LEARN JAPANESE? I didn’t know any Japanese. What Oregon-born white boy does? I’ve been learning it phonetically.

HOW ABOUT THAT COOL SAMURAI FIGHTING? I trained for about a month and a half, two hours a day, three days a week, all for like a five-second sword sequence. [The armor] took about a half hour to put on and was about 50 lbs. of my own personal hell. But when we started shooting the Adam stuff, I kind of missed it.

SO JUST WHO ARE YOU? Yeah, the plot has been confusing, but I learned to deal with that when I was on Alias. Given my American accent, fans have a feeling they know me, but it’s more like I went to high school with them. And then I’ll get drunk and talk [with an English accent] and they’re like, “Oh yeah, that guy from Heroes!”

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