By People Staff
August 22, 1983 12:00 PM

by Art Moger

Moger, former publicity director for Warner Brothers and author of The Complete Pun Book, has amassed pictures of 480 show business personalities who changed their names and made a quiz book out of guessing who is really who. For instance, is Morgan Fairchild’s real name Patty McCormick, Mimi Grunberg or Patsy McClenny? (The answer is McClenny.) Did you know that Richard Burton is really Richard Jenkins, or that Walter Matthau is Walter Matuschanskayasky, Robert Blake is Michael Gubitosi, Jane Seymour is Joyce Penelope Frankenburg, Jill St. John is Jill Oppenheim, Charo is Maria Rosario Pilar Molina Baez, Tom Jones is Thomas J. Woodward, and Warren Beatty is Warren Beaty? This little book may not be considered literature, but it’s fun. (Citadel Press, $6.95)