November 29, 1982 12:00 PM

Dionne Warwick

Dionne has known the way to San Jose for a long time; her problem in recent years has been finding her way to the Top 40 with regularity. This album, which was co-produced by Barry Gibb (who also sings backup) and includes five Bee Gees songs, is nothing if not commercial. The light, wistful blues touch Warwick had in her Bacharach-David heyday has aged nicely, and she can combine experience with youthful vigor, as she shows on the title song (by the brothers Gibb), Just One More Night (by Barry and co-producer Albhy Galuten), and the old Ruby and the Romantics hit, Our Day Will Come. Because the Bee Gees have always been about as funky as Polish sausage, and Warwick herself has never pretended to be a soul singer, her Misunderstood is on the rootless side. Warwick can survive that, though. She is a classy pop singer with a unique style that combines with the sprightly ebullience of the Bee Gee factory to produce an energetic, assertive, all-but-irresistible sound.

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