September 18, 1978 12:00 PM

Dolly Parton

One wonders how the new pop-rocking Parton would sound to a listener who didn’t know she used to be just a country girl. The answer, probably, is terrific, since Dolly is always in absolute control and able to wring the nuances of a note, no matter what kind of time signature it’s in. But it’s hard not to get a little nostalgic when she sings Nickels and Dimes, the sort of wistful when-I-was-a-little-girl tune that has always been her bread and butter. She co-wrote that song, but then she composed some of the more aggressive tracks, too, such as Baby I’m Burnin’ and I Wanna Fall in Love. Both of these are strong and energetic works by one of the most interesting and resourceful of popular artists.

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