March 04, 1991 12:00 PM


The first thing that strikes you about this new album by Poison…er, uh, this new album by Cinderella…is how utterly original it is. Now on this record, Warrant really carves out its own niche in the highly competitive world of Metal Lite. Oh, did I say Warrant’? I meant Cinderella.

The acoustic guitar rave-up on tunes like “The More Things Change’ and “”Shelter Me” is as catchy as anything Bon Jovi has ever done. Uh, as catchy as anything Cinderella has ever done, that is. “The More Things Change” is also a bouncy little rocker that follows Heartbreak Station’s bluesier, acoustic style. “Sick for the Cure” is the really bouncy little rocker.

And when Slaughter decides to get down and…make that when Cinderella decides to get down and dirty with a number like “One for Rock and Roll.” you’ll swear it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard that particular day. It’s about time Cinderella reunited like this. When the group was churning out all those hard-hitting rock songs in the ’70s…oh, wait! That was Styx. Never mind.

The truth is, this isn’t a bad record. Just irrelevant and awfully routine in a day when every heavy band around seems intent on establishing its credibility. Anyway, Aero-smith has always been known for its hard-rock interpretations of old-fashioned blues, and “Dead Man’s Road” is no exception. The screeching vocals and moody guitar are…I’m sorry. This is Cinderella. So as I was saying, you can’t go wrong if you buy this new Mötley Crüe record. Ask for it by name. (Mercury)

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