July 09, 1990 12:00 PM

Holly Dunn

No country singer is more engaging than Dunn is when she has her enthusiasms tuned exactly right and lays that sweet and gleaming voice on songs she seems to care about.

She wrote or co-wrote five tunes on this album (four of them with her brother and co-producer, Chris Waters, and other collaborators), including the destined-for-standardhood “My Anniversary for Being a Fool”: “I’ll just throw a party/ For me and my heartaches/ Hindsight is heartbreak’s best tool.”

Dunn also more than does justice to Marty Robbins’s old paean to self-pity, “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me” and a Charlie Black-Tom Shapiro-Waters song that turns on one of those endearingly simple wordplays she seems to favor, “My Old Love in New Mexico.”

In our sequelizing world, it would have seemed appropriate for Dunn to re-create her enjoyable 1987 duet with Michael Martin Murphy, “Face in the Crowd.” She’s all on her own here, but there are a lot worse problems for country singers than to get stuck with being just Holly Dunn. (Warner Bros.)

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