By People Staff
August 27, 1979 12:00 PM

Paul Anka

The title song sounds as if Anka is venting some peeves: “The Marvin decision was met with derision/ and Mitchelson still gets a fee”; “Farrah and Jackie/ are both being tacky”; “Sinatra still swinging/ that don’t mean he’s singing.” The apparent rap at Sinatra is especially surprising, if only because Anka wrote what has become Old Blue Eyes’ anthem, My Way. Two of the cuts on this LP, And/ and Together Again, were even arranged by Don Costa, who has worked so successfully with Sinatra. While Costa’s vivid orchestrations can complement a great singer, they sometimes overwhelm Anka’s limited vocal gifts. The album is also marred by melodramatic lyrics—”Last night in bed/ I dreamt I was dead” in Life Song, and the disco entry, Never Get to Know You. It will drive all thoughts of boogeying from most heads.