September 01, 1997 12:00 PM

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A perfect example of arrested development and sexual addiction.” That’s how one character describes another in this new sitcom, but she might as well be talking about the whole show. Set at a Miami Beach dating service supposedly operated and patronized by adults, it’s hopelessly hooked on cheap sex jokes that would go over big in junior high. Mitchell Whitfield and Peter Dobson play the brothers who own the agency. Whitfield is businesslike but romantic; Dobson is a sexist lothario whose wardrobe looks slightly post-Saturday Night Fever. Judging by the Aug. 26 premiere, neither character will be a bit believable, but Dobson deserves credit for coloring his cartoon brightly. Staffers include an intellectual babe (Eva LaRue), an ex-stripper babe (Cindy Ambuehl) and an acerbic celibate (Patrick Bristow) who may or may not be gay. If he comes out, will America care?

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