January 29, 1979 12:00 PM

The Babys

The Babys, a group of Londoners all actually in their mid-20s, clearly didn’t come into the rock’n’roll world tabula rasa. They put together portentous Who-like chord changes with Eagle-soft harmonies and obviously have no ideas of their own. That hasn’t hurt other pop careers, but the Babys, in addition to being the bane of spelling teachers everywhere, have found new heights in trite. (Lyrics to the title song: “Well the second time that I saw you/Boy, you’d really improved/I was really moved/How I wanted you.”) If nothing else, this third album proves that for all the hype that has attended them, including a block-long billboard on Times Square last year, an innocu-rock group like the Babys can cause colic in listeners of all ages.

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