October 18, 1993 12:00 PM

CBS (Saturdays, 9 p.m. ET)


In this slack City Slickers knockoff, Beau Bridges plays a 41-year-old Chicago underwear salesman who, after a coronary episode, decides to follow his dream of becoming a cowboy. So he moves his wife and three kids out to Nevada to a ranch he has bought sight unseen. Surprise! The Flying Tumbleweed turns out to be totally ramshackle.

With that paunchy Sad Sack face, Bridges is well east as the eager tenderfoot. The always enjoyable Harley Jane Kozak plays his wife. In the Jack Palance role of the dusty old trail hand is Bridges’s father, Lloyd. There’s a photogenic but bland supporting cast.

The show does have some poignant moments. Unfortunately it seems more intent on milking comedy. The result is likable but tame, truly a dude ranch experience.

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