September 26, 1988 12:00 PM

In the old age, people took a bubble bath to relax. This New Age tape replaces the bubble bath with just the bubble, and we’re expected to relax by watching the thing—by means of trick photography—float from an ocean, skip over the rocks, glide over a mountain, visit some of its relatives in a babbling brook and (sorry to give away the ending) return to the sea at sunset. All this occurs in 24 minutes, to the tune of Lance Cosgrove and Harvey Horswell’s New Age music-to-snooze-by. Relaxing isn’t easy at first: There seems to be imminent danger of our bubble being burst, and at times the little devil is hard to see. As it grows larger and rolls across a meadow, it looks a lot like an albino Blob. Tense people may be better off just listening to the expanded version of the score on the audio tape that accompanies the video. But producer-director Dick C. Quincer has more bubble adventures in the works. Soon the bubble will be seen over a golden New England, a blooming desert and a snow-covered mountain. Is there a needle in the house? (Cine-Video West, $29.95; 818-792-0842)

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