June 30, 1997 12:00 PM

The Muffs

Cross-breed the Ramones with the Bangles and you might get this feisty Los Angeles trio—a band short on chord variations but long on infectious songs. Kim Shattuck snarls her vocals and power strums her Guild S-60 electric with spunk enough to do Joey and Johnny Ramone proud. Even so, the 15 rousing cuts on the band’s third and best album are not for head-bangers only. You’ll get your fix of pleasing power-pop melodies (“Honeymoon”), sing-along hooks (“My Crazy Afternoon”) and full-throttle dance rave-ups (“Is It All Okay?”). The Muffs deliver a sound that is roughed-up enough to annoy deserving neighbors, melodic enough to please the rest. (Reprise)

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