By People Staff
November 23, 1981 12:00 PM

The Cure

Hey there, music fans! Don’t just sit waiting for Doomsday. Experience it now, in the privacy of your own home! That’s right. For the price of this record you can throw a pall over the whole family. These two LPs, once available only as expensive imports, are now combined in a single jacket. Think of it! This three-piece English unit beats (the drums) as it plucks (the bass) as it strums (the guitar) as it sings. Lead singer Robert Smith fills the air with sad, lovely washes of guitar color and quietly propulsive riffs. He regales you in an echoic voice with such tales of utter despair as The Funeral Party. You never saw ennui this seductive, lugubriousness this delicious! The Cure will lead you to the pale pink brink of oblivion and you can dance all the way. Act now!