and Paul Chi
April 08, 2013 12:00 PM


You play a criminal profiler who easily solves mysteries. Are you good at solving puzzles?

I’m annoying to play with because I lose patience. I get one-third of the way through and my focus runs. I prefer a game of Charades. I would say I’m quite good at that.

Your dad, Professor Jonathan Dancy, teaches moral philosophy at the University of Texas. What must your dinner conversations be like?

Whatever he might do, he’s just the guy at the end of the table, slurping his soup. But he does keep us on our toes. He’s a good teacher.

What’s it like for you and wife Claire Danes to be first-time parents?

All I ever wanted in life was to be content, and I’m really happy now. I have a wonderful son [Cyrus, 3 months] and a wife who is an amazing mother. I’m so lucky.

How are your diaper-changing skills?

I give myself an 8 out of 10 because I’ve been peed on. Funny enough, when it’s your own flesh and blood, it almost seems sweet. I stress, almost!

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