By People Staff
July 11, 1988 12:00 PM

Cutting a swath through the land of $100 haircuts and posh salons is the very sensible stylist Patty (who won’t admit to a last name), telling families how to trim the budget by trimming each other’s hair. Patty sets a chair in her drab kitchen, then displays a command of the obvious: Good scissors are vital, and kids should sit on a phone book. The rest is more helpful, even if it’s unlikely to give Michael Jackson video envy. Patty covers one model, short-haired Irene, with a sheet and shapes her do by sectioning off inch-wide strips. On the young Matthew, she cuts the hair around the ear (Matthew’s frown suggests he’s none too happy about it). “Don’t be afraid to move the ear,” she says. “It’s very flexible.” Patty also says to keep Band-Aids handy. The tape needs humor and hints on cutting one’s own hair. But her technique is easy to follow, and the at-home trims could cut down on the need for frequent visits to the pros. (Increase, $29.95; 800-345-1441)