May 08, 1978 12:00 PM

by Norris McWhirter

The 1978 edition is out with “over 2,000 new astounding entries,” it claims. A couple of pages of last-minute accomplishments at the end of the book inform insatiable collectors of basic trivia that Melody Schick of Dallas remained motionless for five hours and 43 minutes on Dec. 9, 1976; Nikon has a camera that costs $111,845; Canadian schoolchildren baked a pizza that was 873.1 square feet, and Richard Rodriguez rode the Coney Island roller coaster for 103 hours and 55 minutes. All the old freaks from the earlier editions are back (pictures too), including Lucia Zarate, who weighed 4.7 pounds at the age of 17, and Robert Earl Hughes, who hit 1,069 pounds before he died. It’s like peanuts. (Bantam, $2.25)

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