By People Staff
February 08, 1988 12:00 PM

Meli’sa Morgan

Imagine a cross between Stephanie Mills and Chaka Khan and you get some idea of the vocal prowess of Morgan. Her debut, Do Me Baby, was fine, but this, her second LP, shows an exciting growth and improvement in the 23-year-old singer. Its blend of tempos and moods allows Morgan to flash both roaring fire and sultry smoke in her delivery. There is the bright but elegant funk of Paul Laurence’s If You Can Do It: I Can Too!!, a feminist manifesto that ought to win even the Shere Hite seal of approval. Morgan’s talent really shines, though, on the shimmering ballad Here Comes the Night by the talented New York songwriting team of Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers, and on Love Changes, a delicious duet with Kashif. The latter is also on Kashif’s recent album, but for some reason, the same song sounds noticeably better on Good Love. Maybe it’s the company it’s keeping. Along with her songwriting partner Lesette Wilson (a lady who happens to be a knockout left-leaning keyboard player), Morgan has helped her own cause with strong self-styled compositions such as I’ll Love No More and the title track. Morgan’s music is so distinctively good that her first name doesn’t even seem so pretentious anymore. (Capitol)