March 03, 1997 12:00 PM

by Walter Mosley

One of crime fiction’s brightest stars with five seminal whodunits, including Devil in a Blue Dress and White Butterfly, to his credit, Mosley has larger fish to fry in this lyrical coming-of-age tale. It explores the childhood of Mosley’s main characters, brooding L.A. detective Easy Rawlins and his mendacious friend Mouse. In the mid-’30s the young men leave Galveston for the bayous of the Texas-Louisiana border. In the “Negro” village of Pariah, Mouse intends to claim an inheritance left by his mother from his mean-spirited stepfather. There are mystery, mayhem, murder and a satisfying explanation of why Easy and Mouse, two opposite souls, remain so deeply connected through the decades. Disturbing, elegant, magical, Gone Fishin’ is a keeper. (Black Classic Press, $22)

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