By People Staff
December 04, 1995 12:00 PM

Pierce Brosnan

As the newest James Bond, Brosnan passes, no sweat. He’s light on his feet and crisply tailored, even when driving a tank, and he suavely (and wisely) underplays Bond’s hoary brand of sexual double entendres—all of which makes for a perfectly fine 007.

But will he ever have a second go? The movie, the 17th Bond film, is an eye-glazing loser. Its story, an unwieldy patchwork even by this series’ standards, has something to do with a deadly computer program called Goldeneye. The software triggers a satellite that beams out a laser that creates a pulverizing electrical force field that melts down the world’s computers. Oh, does it now? At least Famke Janssen, as a kinky assassin who crushes men between her legs while making love to them, is funny. Thigh-Master meets its mistress. (PG-13)