November 29, 1982 12:00 PM

by Perry Deane Young

The author, a journalist who helped write The David Kopay Story, about homosexuality in pro football, grew up in a poor fundamentalist family near Asheville, N.C. He claims his exposure to their religion has given him insights into the Moral Majority mentality. He calls them “God’s bullies” and numbers Jimmy Carter among them: “Stripped of the crowd-pleasing rhetoric, his fundamentalist faith was the same old absolutist view of right and wrong, good and evil that had been an omnipresent shadow of terror and doom over my childhood and that of countless others.” Other targets are Billy Graham (no intellect), Anita Bryant (a pitiful dupe), Sun Myung Moon, James Robison and Jerry Falwell. The enemy in this book is the New Right and the way it has mixed religion and politics. The main concern, however, is with the status of homosexuals. He states: “There are at least 20 members of Congress right now who are homosexual; not all of them are conservative Republicans, but most of them are.” Young really does a mean number on Terry Dolan, the National Conservative Political Action Committee chief, who denies being a homosexual, by describing second-hand, yet in graphic detail, Dolan’s involvement in an alleged homosexual affair. The attack is excessive and it weakens an important argument that deserves a hearing. (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, $13.50)

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