May 06, 1985 12:00 PM

Go West

Imagine a neighbor who borrows your carpentry tools and then brazenly sells them back to you. That’s what our pop-music relationship with England has been like over the past few decades. The original British invasion reflected the Anglo refinement of such blues artists and rock pioneers as Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly. Recently Culture Club and Wham! have been making a killing reworking American soul music. Go West is a new duo that pulls off this kind of stylistic neocolonialism with moxie. Peter Cox and Richard Drummie have worked for years as a songwriting team for a publishing firm in London, Their debut album seems to contain some of the ripest fruits of their common labor. Cox’s voice sounds a great deal like that of the bland ’70s country-rock crooner Jonathan Edwards, and this serves him in especially good stead for such pop tunes as Don’t Look Down. Still, the LP’s best cuts, Goodbye Girl and Eye to Eye, are little more than blatant soul knockoffs. But hey, if it comes out this tasty, why not go ahead? Play that funky music, white chaps. (Chrysalis)

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