and Kay West
May 27, 2013 12:00 PM


Who takes the longest to get ready?

MIRANDA & ASHLEY: Angaleena!

ANGALEENA: I’m the oldest, so I have the most wrinkles to cover up!

Who has the most beauty products?

ANGALEENA: Miranda! She’s on the road more than us. [To Miranda] You go to Walgreens in every town you play.

MIRANDA: I’m a beauty-product whore. Every time I end up spending like $300.

Do you share products?

ASHLEY: We share everything except for our men.

MIRANDA: We kind of share Blake!

Cocktail of choice?

ASHLEY: Vodka and soda or Sprite Zero.

ANGALEENA: I’m not allowed to have cocktails. Whiskey makes me crazy!

MIRANDA: The Randarita: Bacardi and Crystal Light with a splash of Sprite Zero on ice. It’s getting pretty famous!

Solo cups or real glass?

ASHLEY: At home, real glass.

MIRANDA: And we’re fancy now on the bus. We moved from Solo cups to washable black plastic cups.

Any tour bus hobbies?

MIRANDA: We color in coloring books.

ANGALEENA: We have Loretta Lynn coloring books. And a fan made us a Pistol Annies coloring book.

ASHLEY: Now we need Pistol Annies paper dolls!

Who would win in a stripper pole dance-off?


ASHLEY: She’s got moves we don’t have. I’d give it a whirl, but I don’t know if I could hang upside down.

If you were all single, who would pick up the most guys?

MIRANDA: We wouldn’t bother. We like hanging out with each other.

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