October 02, 2000 12:00 PM

Amanda Ghost (Warner Bros.)

Album of the week

Make way for the protégée. Everyone from buddy Boy George to U.K. record exec Andrew Wickham (who signed Joni Mitchell) is claiming credit for discovering Ghost (née Gosein), a London-based singer-songwriter of Indian and Spanish descent. And with good reason.

Ghost, 25, is a wunderkind of the Fiona Apple variety, with a throaty, aggressive alto and eclectic songwriting style that reflect her sense of displacement. On the club-ready “Filthy Mind” she spits out bitter come-hither commands (“Could you make a suggestion/ For an act I would enjoy?”). Later she sounds brightly pop-savvy, enlivening “Idol” and “Glory Girl” with sing-along choruses. Throughout there is an edgy, enchanting melancholy, best captured on the introverted “Cellophane,” on which she wails, “Nobody moves me/ I’ve been through this life/ “With no place that I can call my own.”

Bottom Line: Haunting

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