By People Staff
June 02, 2003 12:00 PM

by Elise Juska

Critic’s Choice


When you’re 10, “having a crush on a rock star doesn’t make you weird.” But in this first novel, Eliza, unfortunately, is 26 and still pinning her power-chord-infused dreams on a succession of scruffy boys. Blinded by their rock-starness (even if they’ve never played a venue bigger than the high school gym), she’s convinced that these deep souls can love her with all the passion of a power ballad—like the ones by ’80s actor-rocker Jack Wagner.

The story moves seamlessly between the past Eliza didn’t learn from (one smitten collegian wrote a love song to her instep) and a present in which she tries to be open-minded (expanding her horizons by dating a securities analyst whose musical preference is, horrifyingly, “whatever’s on”). Will the engagingly adorable and hyperarticulate Eliza figure out that life is not a lyric? She’s funnier than a hair-metal band. (Downtown Press, $12)

BOTTOM LINE: Chick lit at its best