By People Staff
Updated August 10, 1992 12:00 PM

Holly Dunn

The sunny-voiced Dunn has recorded six previous admirable albums, but none of them has been as uniformly enjoyable as this country cornucopia.

Dunn has a sobby, emotional component to her style. She isn’t profligate with it, but it enables her to do justice to the touchingly romantic Karen Brooks-Randy Sharp tune “A Simple I love You,” and she can perk it up vivaciously for such lively bouncers as Lynn Langham and Craig Wiseman’s “If Your Heart Can’t Do the Talking” (“Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you’re lookin’ at me/ As if you were dying of thirst and I’m just your cup of tea”). Dunn and her talented composer brother, Chris Waters Dunn, who produced this album with her, even dare to let her sound a little bitter on a clever song they wrote with Tom Shapiro, “You Can Have Him.” (“Why not come by about half past 10/ I ought to have him all packed up by then.”)

It all goes to reaffirm that Dunn, while she may be a trifle sluggish in the image-is-everything self-promotion department, is otherwise the most talented, enterprising and consistently entertaining female country singer of her generation. (Warner Bros.)