February 12, 1979 12:00 PM

French director Bertrand (Going Places) Blier’s sense of humor is curious if not downright incomprehensible. (The same is true of the National Society of Film Critics, which voted this the best film of 1978.) Gerard Depardieu plays a frustrated young husband who can’t make his wife laugh. As a solution, he gives her to another man (Patrick Dewaere), who’s even less successful. Finally, in a jump in the story line that will leave audiences with a severe case of whiplash, the wife (Carole Laure) takes up with a precocious 13-year-old boy she meets at a summer camp, and they seem to live happily ever after. (She, of course, gets pregnant.) There are a few funny moments: the sight of two grown men being given an intelligence test by a teenager is one. But overall, the comedy is so airy it floats right off the screen. (In French with English subtitles) (Not rated)

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