February 28, 2005 12:00 PM

The new cast of Survivor: Palau (on the right-hand side) bears a striking resemblance to another group of castaways we’ve come to love. See for yourself: BY CYNTHIA WANG

THE CHARISMATIC LEADER Like Matthew Fox’s Jack, New York City fire-fighter Tom Westman, 41, earns respect from his fellow castaways with smarts and hard work. He’s a bit older than his teammates, “but hopefully it won’t work against me to look more like a chaperone.”

THE MYSTERIOUS BEAUTY She’s no bank robber, a la Evangeline Lilly‘s Kate, but Janu Tornell, 39, does have a secret of her own: She’s a Vegas showgirl. While teaching some of the ladies to do kick lines in the sand, Janu is also pulling guys aside to scheme quietly under the palm trees.

THE GOOD BUDDY Every show needs an all-around mensch. Lost has Jorge Garcia’s Hurley; Survivor has dolphin trainer Ian Rosenberger, 23. Need proof? Rosenberger was once voted homecoming king and student government president at Pennsylvania State University.

THE MISFIT Hello, trouble. Though not as shady as Josh Holloway’s Sawyer, multipierced and tattooed bartender Angie Jakusz, 24, shakes up the island with attitude. “I’m a different kind of girl,” says Jakusz. “I believe you’ve only got one life and you’ve got to make the most of it.”

THE SHIFTY BALD GUY Terry O’Quinn’s survivalist Locke is keeping his pre-island life a secret from the other characters. Willard Smith, 57, an attorney now posing as a postman, is hiding his life too. “I’m going back to one of my previous jobs.” he says. “I can be nonthreatening that way.”

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