By People Staff
October 28, 1996 12:00 PM

Funky Green Dogs

If you’re going to call your debut CD Get Fired Up!, you’d better be able to persuade listeners to do just that. Oscar Gaetan and Ralph Falcon, the two Miami deejays and dance music producers who once billed their groove collective as Funky Green Dogs from Outer Space, have packed their first full-length album with enough explosive rhythms to crowd any strobe-lit dance floor.

On the single “Fired Up!,” already a No. 1 club hit, singer Pamala Williams’s trancelike vocals hover over layers of springy tribal beats so that she seems to sing with the voice of God herself. The cut establishes Funky Green Dogs’ creative paradox: Though the arrangements on Get Fired Up! are minimalistic, frequently featuring only assorted percussion instruments and Williams’s soul-deep growl, the tracks still manage to make a big, booming impression. They’re clearly not meant for living-room listening. But then, who’d want to play couch potato while a hyperactive number called “I Came to Stomp” booms on the stereo? (Twisted America)