By Leah Rozen Rennie Dyball Lesley Messer
March 19, 2007 12:00 PM

Playing King Leonidas in 300 made Butler, 37, want to be “epically strong.” Getting loincloth ready was a royal pain!

HOW DID YOU GET A GREEK PHYSIQUE? I’d go from doing chest presses to squat thrusts with weights and chains straight to the rowing machine. Then I’d hold myself rigid on the rings and run with cowbells. It was a struggle.

WHAT ABOUT FOOD? It was a killer—I still wanted to go to Starbucks and get my lemon cake and chocolate muffins. You train for all this time and all you eat is a handful of pistachios, half an avocado and a strip of chicken. You wanna scream!

WHAT ABOUT NOW? When I was done, I said, “Don’t let it all go so quickly,” but suddenly you’re out at a restaurant and you think, “Oh my God! I’m gonna have apple pie and ice cream!” So I’m back to good old Gerry Butler, which is fine!