June 17, 1985 12:00 PM

ABC (3 p.m. ET)

Since G.H. is the longstanding leader in the daytime ratings war, producer Gloria Monty obviously feels that the show can get away with just about anything. With a handful of Tiger Beat pectorals, the show is unabashedly aimed at the teenybopper set, and that sometimes affects the plots, which in the past have often crossed the border from reason into sci-fi. This is one of the few soaps that would dare try a story line about a scientist trying to freeze an entire town. Thankfully, the show’s writing once again has the input of Pat Falken Smith, who is one of daytime’s best storytellers. She’s back just in time after a brief whirl on other soaps. Smith, who helped plot the shenanigans of daytime’s greatest couple, Luke and Laura, will put more emphasis on romance. G.H. has always been innovative: It uses quickly paced action sequences, rock music and those beloved TV stars from yesteryear in supporting roles (June Lockhart of Lassie, Alan Young from Mr. Ed and Lloyd Haynes from Room 222, to name just three). Despite the occasional plot that will make you groan in disbelief, few shows come up with as many interesting characters as this one. As Ginny, Judith Chapman is a standout, taking viewers on a roller coaster of hating and loving her character. Steve (Jimmy Lee) Bond surely has daytime TV’s skimpiest clothing budget. If he ever wins an Emmy for his work on this show, he’ll have to thank his ultratight jeans for their support. Curvaceous Shelley Taylor Morgan, the gold-digging Lorena, is Bond’s equal in steaming up the small screen. Jack (Frisco) Wagner and Kristina (Felicia) Malandro, as a rock star and a blond Aztec princess searching for lost treasure, are easily soap’s most romantic young unmarried duo. Tristan (Scorpio) Rogers and Emma (Holly) Samms, the police commissioner and his feminist wife, play one of the few happily married couples on daytime. When she departs for Dynasty II: The Colbys, their chemistry will be tough to replace. But no doubt this show will meet that challenge too.

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