By People Staff
Updated February 06, 1989 12:00 PM

Art Garfunkel

This album, which lacks even the decency of a Best of or Greatest Hits of title, might be perceived as an attempt to palm off old Garfunkel material as a new record. All of its 12 tracks have been released before, and all but one have been on previous albums. Garfunkel doesn’t sound any better now than he did then, either. He can make an impression when he has the right vocal collaborators—James Taylor and Paul Simon on the Sam Cooke hit (What a) Wonderful World, for instance, or Leah Kunkel on the Bernstein-Sondheim song from West Side Story, I Have a Love. On his own, though, he mostly sounds wan, like a bowl of matzo ball soup without any matzo balls in it. (Columbia)