June 17, 1991 12:00 PM

Various Artists

Garfield getting his own album? Great, you say, 40 minutes devoted to sounds of a jaded feline scarfing lasagna or of Odie being bounced off the walls. But no, mousekin breath.

You wouldn’t think the fat-and-sassy cartoon cat would have any friends. Yet a top-shelf roster of R&B artists turns out for this snappy musical celebration of Garfield’s philosophy.

Two tracks capture his character best. For the tabby who makes George Foreman look thin, there’s “Fat Is Where It’s At” sung by Carl Anderson. A noted postweekend depressive, Gar gets B.B. King to sympathize on “Monday Morning Blues (Blues for Mr. G.)”

Other highlights include the Pointer Sisters causing a meltdown on the jumpy “Nine Lives,” the Temptations harmonizing on the doo-woppy dance flash, “Shake Your Paw,” and the funky instrumental “Spare Time,” featuring David Benoit, Marcel and Nathan East, Tom Scott and Sal Marquez.

The person who clearly had the best time on this project is Patti LaBelle, who vamps her way through “I Love It When I’m Naughty.” There are also three songs from Garfield TV specials, including his spunky theme song, “Here Comes Garfield,” sung by Lou Rawls. (GRP)

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