May 06, 2013 12:00 PM


You play a fearless warrior on TV. How would you describe yourself in real life?

I consider myself a sightly doddly diddly young English lad who enjoys acting and never really thought he could carve out a career for it. I’m fun-loving with a nice ounce of English pessimism.

Your chemistry with costar Rose Leslie sparked romance rumors. Are you dating?

We get on very well. I’m so lucky we have each other on-set, and we’ve become close off-set as well. But we’re just friends.

What kind of girl would you ideally date?

I like to be taller than a girl, so I always go for a girl that’s shorter than me. I also tend to go toward a girl that’s got a sense of humor. And brunettes!

What would you consider a fun night out?

I like skinny-dipping. It’s my favorite thing at a party. I don’t go on my own, though. I’m not a naturist.

How do you feel about baring all on-camera?

It’s a very exposing thing. But I’m not particularly prissy. You’ve just got to man up and do it. It’s just your body, right?

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