December 09, 1985 12:00 PM

The most relentlessly violent of today’s animated adventure TV series, G.I. Joe is by far the best drawn and written, with characters that have nuance as well as brawn. Vol. 8, The Gamesmaster, uses a basic sci-fi notion of a planet run by a demented genius who forces people into life-or-death contests. Vol. 9, Lights, Camera, Cobra, features a petulant movie director who is making a film about the Joes and hires them as technical advisers. There’s a laser weapon battle or fistfight every few seconds, though no human gets any serious injury. These half-hour episodes from the TV series should be shown only with an introductory lecture from Mom or Dad on the illusory nature of cartoon mayhem. (Family Home Entertainment, $14.95)

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