By People Staff
July 20, 1998 12:00 PM

edited by J.C. Suarès

Who doesn’t love it when babies do adorable things? (Okay, so maybe W.C. Fields and Seinfeld’s Elaine didn’t, but who else?) This slender book of black-and-white photos, seasoned with trenchant quotes and funny anecdotes, is an irresistible catalog of all your favorite baby moments—babies in sunglasses, babies in high heels, babies holding bottles with their feet, babies with pudding smeared across their faces, babies sleeping in back packs and high chairs. Oh, and don’t forget the shot of a tubby tyke wedged forlornly in a bathroom sink. Or of a cherub in a party dress taking turns with her cat lapping milk from a saucer.

It amounts to another delightful outing for famed editor, graphic designer and illustrator J.C. Suarès (Funny Cats, Funny Dogs, Socks Goes to Washington). The text, by Jana Martin, is appropriately light, and the photographs, by such acknowledged talents as Mary Ellen Mark, Karl Baden and Erika Stone, could force a chuckle from the most diaper-averse misanthrope. Even hard-hearted Elaine might give in. (Welcome Enterprises, $15.95)

Bottom Line: Picture book of tiny tots that will prompt big smiles