May 08, 1989 12:00 PM

Wendy & Lisa

Most of the other alumnae of Prince’s band may generate more flounce to the ounce, but Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman are producing music that’s provocative enough to do the old Minnesota master proud. This is their second album, and the twosome still lapses into pop-funk doggerel at times—”Boy meets girl and girl meets boy/ They promise each other eternal joy.” Their arrangements and singing (they share the lead vocals) are often tantalizingly delicate, though, and they’re not without a sense of humor. The notion of the title track, for instance, is that love is worth fighting for—at least in the same way it’s worth slogging through the plain yogurt to get to the really sweet stuff that has settled on the bottom: “They turned the heat off and my power too/ It’s so cold out now I got the flu/ Went to the doctor there was nothing he could do/…But I’m not worried ’cause I know what I need/ I got a lover and it’s his love I feed.”

Coleman and Melvoin wrote all the songs themselves, with the help of another ex-Minnesotan, Jesse Johnson, on the sinuous “Satisfaction.” There’s a little blues, a little disco, a little rock, a little everything to them, which makes them harder to categorize than listen to. If nothing else, they are another indication that while Prince wouldn’t seem to have much in common with Paul Whiteman and Benny Goodman, like those band leaders of past generations, he has a knack for discovering interesting talent. (Columbia)

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