September 20, 1982 12:00 PM

Someone, please: Stop them before they film again. Jason, the grotesque hatchet murderer of 1980’s original and 1981’s Part 2, is back with still more axes to grind—not to mention planting them in the heads and abdomens of anyone who strays onscreen. (It’s a quibble, of course, but by this time, with three dozen or so grizzly murders to account for, the police of Crystal Lake, where the Friday films are set, might show a little more diligence about catching the rascal responsible.) This time the dirty work is done in 3-D, which doesn’t make much difference except that now instead of just your credibility being strained, your eyes are too. (Director Steve [Friday 2] Miner actually uses the technique to show just how an eye would look popping out of the head of a handsome hero whose skull is being squished by a maniac.) As a personal favor to the witless, talentless screenwriters and cast involved, none of their names will be mentioned here except for Richard Brooker, the ever-hulking Jason III. He plays his role wearing a hockey mask, anyway, and therefore doesn’t have to worry about anyone he knows recognizing him. He doesn’t have any lines, either, but, as pop musicians might say, he’s got real good chops. (R)

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