By People Staff
May 12, 1997 12:00 PM

Gina G

One look at Gina G’s chocolate-covered devil-woman pose on the cover of her debut album, and it’s clear that this Aussie newcomer (who, by the way, is no relation to saxman Kenny G or rapper Warren G) has mastered the art of sex appeal. But you’d never know that judging solely by her music: a squeaky-clean Euro-disco blend of rushing synth melodies, chirpy vocals and dial-a-hook lyrics (like “I wanna get fresh/ With you, baby/I wanna do all the things that turn you on”), with a winsome ballad or two thrown in for variety. Don’t be surprised to find yourself high on the giddiness of impossibly catchy numbers like “Follow the Light” and “Gimme Some Love,” but you might not remember either of them in the morning.

Gina G doesn’t realize her full potential until it’s almost too late. She waits until the very end of Fresh! to drop a bottom-heavy reprise of her recent Top 20 hit “Ooh Aah…Just a Little Bit,” which lives up to the title’s (and the cover’s) intimation of sweet desire by adding a dusky undercurrent and a teasing touch of sultriness to the original mix. Too bad she didn’t freshen up the rest of her debut with just a little bit more of that. (Eternal/ Warner Bros.)