August 11, 2003 12:00 PM

Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan

In Disney’s second, so-so adaptation of Mary Rodgers’s popular 1972 children’s novel, Curtis plays the mom who magically swaps bodies with her teenage daughter for one weird, enlightening day. A widowed psychologist on the verge of remarrying when the switcheroo hits, Curtis punks up her hair and jams on electric guitar. It’s a game performance that could have been wilder. Lohan, as the daughter taken over by a maternal soul, has been misdirected—she suggests Tara Reid with a puritanical streak.

Note to students of cultural history: In Disney’s first, still funnier 1976 version, the father (John Astin) isn’t just alive—he’s a sexist. He so thoughtlessly orders about his child (Jodie Foster) and stay-at-home wife (crazy, dizzy Barbara Harris), he’s angrily described as a male chauvinist pig. It all plays like some unconscious feminist experiment, Ibsen by way of Mickey Mouse. (PG)

BOTTOM LINE: Weak Friday

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