February 02, 2009 12:00 PM

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand


Barely blinking between their first album (2004’s Franz Ferdinand) and second (2005’s You Could Have It So Much Better), these Scots pulled a U2 and kept us waiting for this, their third disc. Should you even care anymore? Yes. It’s immediately clear from the opening track and first single, “Ulysses”—a strutting, synth-infused groove—that they haven’t lost the knack for dance-rock hooks. Even better, though, is “No You Girls,” which, with its funky bass and sexy swagger, ranks with “Take Me Out” and “Do You Want To” as one of their catchiest jams. Elsewhere, they get psychedelic on songs like the ’60s trip “Send Him Away.” Let’s hope Franz won’t stay away so long next time.

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